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060612 TODAY ITS 9 YRS SINCE U WENT TO HEAVEN  / Camille Lee (Mom)

My beloved son, Todd,

On this day nine years ago, you left us. I make this trubute to you. I light candles to your memory and hold you close in spirit. I know you're watching over me and your legacy lives on in my heart. Endearing, aggravating, funny, kind, sensitive, exasperating, caring...and always there for everyone. Your life was short, but your heart was big. You always had a smile for everyone - a stranger to no one. You always looked for the best in others. You're missed by all those you loved and all who loved you. I will love you forever.

Until we meet in Heaven,

Love from your Mom

To my cousin  / Autumn Barnett (Cousin)
Happy Thanksgiving Todd! I miss you and love you!
Thinking of you and your family on this sad day  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Lauren's Mom (Mom of an angel )

Miss & Love You & Thinking of You...  / Camille Love &. Miss You Forever &. Always (Mom) / Dianna Jacobs (Mother's friend )

Goodness, it has been a long time since I signed Todd's guestbook.

I had come across his webside a few years ago after the loss of

my daughter.  Her death was also attributed to ephedra but I

did not have any proof, only what I knew.

I think of Todd quite often and have wondered how his family is

doing.  I thought it was time to let them know I had not forgot

in anyway their precious Todd.  Camille, I hope all is well with

you, dear friend.  When you have a moment, email me as I would

love to hear from you.

Our life has gone on but very differently without our precious

children and I know you will certainly agree with me. 

Blessings, dear Camille


Kanda's Mom 4ever

Kanda 4ever 30

Todd'Family / John James-Corey's Dad
I am very sorry about yor son. I know what you mean when you say that you lost yor son and your best friend. I to lost my son to a auto accident and our beautifil daughter in law Michelle. They were married one day short of three months. Part of our heart died on that tragic day also. It is a pain that we all are forced to live with the rest of our lives. I hope that Corey has meet Todd in heaven and have become friends. They will always be brothers in arms. I enjoyed getting to know Todd through your web site Thank you and my heart goes out to you and your family. god bless you all.
John James
Birthday Wishes Sent with Love  / Precious Memorials

My Fellow Wingman  / Jentrey Smith (Friend)

I had the pleasure going to High School and working with Todd. He was an outgoing guy and a hard worker. I am also in the Air Force and I am currently writing this e-mail from Baghdad, and I have a story to tell you all. It had been a few years since I had seen Todd until one day I saw him in AF basic training, imagine that. I was in my sixth week of training and I was doing OJT for a 1st week flight. I saw a fresh recruit and he looked familiar, I approached him in a puzzled way. I said is your name Todd not recognizing him with his fresh new haircut. He started laughing and at that point I knew that it was him. I spent the remainder of the day teaching him all the tricks and deceptions of the training. He was a little intimidated by the training but I could tell that he was also happy about being there. God Bless you!!!

Missing you more than ever...  / Camille Lee (Mom Forever & Always )
ONE OF MY FAVORITE GUESTBOOK ENTRIES  / Camille Lee (Mom Forever & Always )

Time:7:45:07 AM (CST)
Name:SSgt Thomas "Hollywood" Rogers
Location: San Antonio Texas
Referred by: Aiman Boos
Comments: Airman Lee was a model of one of the reasons why I came down to Lackland to be a Military Training Instructor. Pride, drive, confidance and he wanted to be in the Air Force. He will be missed but not forgotten. I am sure he is making God laugh just like he use to make the flight laugh when I was not around. My heart and prayers to his family.

Merry Christmas Todd...  / Camille Lee (Mom Forever & Always )
Poem about Friends "What be a friend"  / Deidre Graham ((Friend of Todd's) )
Friends are the shelter for emotional turmoil and sometimes even the cause of.
They are your safety deposit box for your memories and thoughts.
They will remind you who you are when you forget and where you
come from when you get cocky.
Friends are the most precious gifts in the world because they care, love and are there for you.
Friends are friends for every reason and no reason -Thus, making them the strongest link to life.
Rain is the washcloth that clenses the world.
Words are the circut that spark relation and give us meaning.
The eyes are the fastest shortcut to our core; the entrance of our spirit, soul and emotions.
And FRIENDS are the warmth we find refuge in that make us feel alive.
My friends rock.
- Deidre Love Graham

Todd was my friend. And he totally rocked as a friend, so sincere and funny. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, and still talk to Todd now and then when Im driving in the car. I know he's in heaven and I know he hears me. Camille, bless you for all your work on this website, it's so comforting to see his face. You've done an excellent job. Best wishes to your daughter for her wedding and Bless you.
Peace Love Empathy
Carpe Diem

Time:6:07:43 PM (CST)
Name:Bambi Colyar 
Location: Sorrento, FLorida
Referred by:
Comments: God Bless you through this sad time and for your entire life as you walk thru this new way of living without your precious son. I read the excert about the Ephedra- I have taken so many diet pills and never once gave them a tought until now. I will not take anything for this fear and knowing I have a 16 year old son needing me. God bless you and I am so so very sorry for this terrible loss that should have never happened. Love Bambi 

Time:1:27:46 AM (CST)
Location: Canada
Comments: Even though I never got to meet your wonderful son. He seems like he is a terrific son, brother, cuz, friend. God only has his plans and we never know why he decides to take the best. Remember your son will be waiting for you and watches over you every day and some day you will be with him again and right now he only wants mommy to be happy and remember him. I lost a sister approximately a year ago and also have a website made in memory of her. I invite you to come and take a look and to sign the guest book God Bless you and your family!!!

Time:4:05:07 PM (CST)
Name:jennifer lewis 
Comments: Todd was a wonderful brother and son! may GOD be with him everyday ! R.I.P. Todd James Lee! you will stay in my prays now and forever!

Time:7:24:42 PM (CST)
Location: OKC
Referred by: Camille
Comments: I miss Todd and think about him everyday. He was one of my favorite cousins and we grew closer when we lived together and I now think of him as a brother. Camille I know its still hard for you and I want you to know that I am here for you whenever you need me. I LOVE YOU!

Time:10:20:15 PM (CST)
Name:shirley acuff 
Location: home
Comments: thankyou.merry xmas.and may god be with you

Time:9:35:44 PM (CST)
Name:Barri Bates
Location: Oklahoma City
Referred by: Camille
Comments: I think of him often and can'e believe it's been a year and a half. I miss him very much.I miss his smile, laughter and his willingness to do anything he could to help people. He was a very special person.

Time:11:26:07 AM (CST)
Name:Chuck Macchione
Location: Boston, Ma
Referred by:
Comments: I deeply regret your loss of such a fine young American.
May God bless him and his parents.

Time:9:35:47 PM (CST)
Name:Paul Dellechiaie
Location: Walden, NY
Referred by: LangaList
Comments: I'm so sorry. It sounds like he was a great guy. Would I be correct in guessing that it was an ephedra based formula which killed him? I have co-workers who still seem to be getting that stuff despite the New York state and federal bans. I keep telling them the stuff was banned for a reason.

Time:4:22:17 PM (CST)
Location: Sherwood, AR
Referred by: Langalist
Comments: Camille, my heart aches for you for the loss of your sweet son. I have not lost a child but have one in the Air Force at Dyess AFB in Abilene, TX. I always worry that he may be sent away and will never come back. I pray that the Lord continues to touch you and yours and know that many people love you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful website and the memory of your loving son.

Time:2:21:00 PM (CST)
Name:Jerry Adams
Location: Wisconsin
Comments: God Bless

Time:11:49:57 AM (CST)
Name:Craig Westlake
Location: Elyria, Ohio
Referred by: Fred Langa's newsletter
Comments: It has been my sadness in life to have known many who had lost children. Only God can truly know what you are going through..My prayers are with you and your family. It's hard, but try to remember you WILL see him again.

Time:6:00:59 AM (CST)
Name:Lee Willer
Location: Fostoria Ohio
Referred by: Lang List
Comments: Our pain is great. We can not answer why. We do have faith, we shall meet again, bye and bye.
God love you and comfort you.

Time:1:59:34 AM (CST)
Name:Bruce H. Stull
Location: Prescott, Arizona
Referred by:
Comments: Thank you, Todd - and God bless --Bruce and Pam

Time:12:23:19 AM (CST)
Location: Canada
Referred by: Langalist
Comments: Thank you for sharing. My prayers are with you and your family.

Time:9:11:17 PM (CST)
Name:John C. Wolfe ETC(SW), USN, (Ret.)
Location: Corinth, Texas
Referred by: Langalist
Comments: I can only offer my deepest sympathies for your loss. May God bless you and keep you.

Time:5:55:21 PM (CST)
Name:gabriel and Kelli Carson 
Location: wagoner
Referred by: newspaper
Comments: We Knew Todd in high school and were very sorry to hear about his passing he was a pretty awesome guy. he will be greatly missed

Time:9:13:47 PM (CST)
Name:Jackie Ellis
Location: Wagoner, Oklahoma
Referred by: Wagoner Tribune
Comments: I wanted to write this and let you know that I remember Todd very well. I was his 8th grade Communications teacher at Wagoner Middle School. I was devastated when I heard about his death. He was a very bright young man with a sweet spirit. I was glad to hear he was doing well. I have thought of him often. Bless his family.

Time:6:32:22 PM (CST)
Location: Maine
Referred by: Beyond Indigo
Comments: I am sorry that you had to experience the loss of a child. It is an experience I too unfortunately share with you and many other parents. You website is a great tribune to your child. Thank you for sharing a piece of his life with others.

Time:4:49:03 PM (CST)
Location: Oklahoma city
Referred by: Camille
Comments: Todd was a really good friend, we grow up together.We miss him dearly.

Time:3:52:40 PM (CST)
Location: Wagoner, OK 
Comments: hi...i seen the web site in the wagoner news paper i thought about viewing the site and im glad i did you should be very Proud of him...... he is and was one very fine yound man God Bless you and yor family......sheila

Time:9:41:26 PM (CST)
Name:Ricky Hubbard
Location: Wagoner
Referred by: Wagoner Tribune
Comments: I went to school with Todd and, though I wasn't really someone that spoke with him every day, I knew of him and had conversations with him in school. I'm sorry to hear that this happend and trust that he is in a better place. After hearing this, I will be stopping my use of ANY of these products. Todd seemed to be a cool cat, he will be missed.

Time:6:06:30 PM (CST)
Name:Justin Pease
Location: Wagoner Oklahoma
Referred by: Newspaper
Comments: I really dont have the words.. I didnt even know that he passed away. I am so so sorry for your loss.. I only talked to Todd a few times in school, but you could always tell he had a glow from him. Best wishes to his family, they did a great job on raising their son, Take care and God Bless

Time:2:39:13 PM (CST)
Location: Coweta
Comments: I am so touched by your website for Todd. You were so blessed to have had such a special son
God Bless you and your family..Betty

Time:10:35:22 PM (CST)
Name:Elizabeth Gern
Location: Santee, CA
Referred by: beyondindigo
Comments: Dear lostclee,
What a wonderful website for your beloved son.
Love, Beth

Time:8:11:31 AM (CST)
Name:Judi Walker
Location: Louisiana
Referred by: National Children's Memorial Day page
Comments: I am so sorry for the loss of your son Todd, he is a handsome young man. It is so wrong when we are lead to believe "all natural" means "safe." Hopefully someday these manufacturers will care more about the lives they are causing us to lose than making money. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Some day, we will be with our sons again, until then, we will hold them in our hearts.

Time:8:41:35 AM (CST)
Name:Jerry Adams
Location: Wagoner, Oklahoma
Comments: I was Todd's high school principal. Todd was a fine young man who finally found what he truly wanted to do in life. We will remember him as courteous, kind, and thoughtful. We will truly miss him.

Time:10:39:02 AM (CST)
Name:Mary LeBeau 
Location: Edmond Oklahoma 
Comments: He was a beautiful young man!

Time:9:40:58 PM (CST)
Location: Norfolk uk
Referred by:
Comments: I am so sorry that you had to loose your wonderfull son. My heart goes to you. [[[[hugs]]]]
I did recieve your email and will ad you to the above web site.

Time:11:35:59 AM (CST)
Name:Deidre Love Graham
Location: Oklahoma City
Referred by: Kristie Runion
Comments: Seeing his picture with his smile makes it so contagious. I cant help but smile the minute I see a pic. He is missed. Very much so. Bless everyone feeling the void of his presence.

Time:8:17:25 AM (CST)
Name:Wanda Estes
Location: Texas
Comments: Thank you for sharing the information about your son, Todd. God bless you as you continue to reach out to try to help others.

Time:2:17:11 PM (CST)
Location: Okc
Referred by: Shayna & TJ's Mom, My friend & cohort, Camille Lee
Comments: Once again,I have to say, you are doing an excellent job on this website.
Let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you, Shayna or the rest the family.You know I love you like my own!

Time:10:29:51 PM (CST)
Location: okc
Referred by: Camille
Comments: You did a great job on this website. Love crystal

Time:10:33:58 PM (CST)
Location: oklahoma city 
Comments: the website is very sad.Todd is afriend of our family.we miss you and love you.

Time:5:31:32 AM (CST)
Name:Caro Ness
Location: England
Referred by: Genesse Gentry
Comments: I think this is a beautiful memorial to your son. His short life shines brightly in the pictures on this site.
Blessings. Caro

Time:9:38:39 PM (CST)
Name:Jennifer Lewis 
Comments: Camile i hope you are doing good i havent seen or talk to you in forever me and Shayna i guess kinda drifted apart and have lost close touch! :( well Todd is in my heart and prays! stay safe and strong!

Time:8:46:53 AM (CST)
Location: Childloss, Grief & Healing Board
Comments: Camille: I am so sorry for the loss of your handsome son, Todd. I think your memorial site is a wonderful tribute to Todd.
Dena, Josh's Mom

Time:12:41:53 AM (CST)
Name:merry milne 
Location: maine
Referred by: child loss board
Comments: camille you did a real good job on the site. i enjoyed it

Time:9:58:27 AM (CST)
Name:Darlene~Caitlin's mom
Location: Ontario
Referred by: Child loss board
Comments: Camille - I'm so sorry for your loss of your beautiful son, Todd.
I used to take a product with Ephedra a few years ago but stopped when I heard of the deaths from it.
I hope your web page for Todd helps other people to realize the dangers.

Time:8:41:18 AM (CST)
Name:Susan Armenio
Location: New York
Referred by: Child Loss Grief & Healing Board
Comments: I wanted to tell you how handsome your son is, and how very sorry I am he passed. My deepest sympathies.
Big hugs, Susan

Time:1:19:57 AM (CST)
Location: Florida
Referred by: GAH
Comments: Our children going home is a temporary seperation. And yes, the Chain will link again. As we reach out to take hold of Our Father's loving Hands. Your son is beautiful. Loving eyes, a tender face. My prayers are with you to find comfort and to feel His Peace! My Love....Terry

Time:11:33:47 AM (CST)
Name:Zolka Moreno
Location: Coyhaique, Chile
Referred by: Michael Nordwood 

Time:7:13:54 AM (CST)
Name:James Barry
Location: Tinker AFB, OK (32 CCS/CYNW) 

Time:7:34:18 AM (CST)
Name:TSgt Terry Lindsey
Location: Tinker AFB Oklahoma
Comments: I knew him for only a few weeks. I was always impressed by his atitude and conviction.

Time:8:12:11 AM (CST)
Name:Sherry Bynum 

Time:11:14:16 AM (CST)
Name:carolyn Manning 
Comments: Camille I am Cindy's Mom

Time:8:14:44 AM (CST)
Location: Oregon
Comments: Thank you for placing this on the website. I just received a call from my 18 year old daughter - some of her friends have been buying ephedra and she was asking me about the product. I only hope she hasn't been using it. I am forwarding this site to her. You and your son's story will make more of an impact than anything I could possibly say. Thank you.

Time:7:52:36 AM (CST)
Name:James Stewart
Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Referred by: google
Comments: I was asked by one of my employees, a 24 year old, if I knew anything about ephedrine. I found your website among the other hits that I found. Thank you for sharing your pain. It has poignantly brought home the dangers of this drug in a way that clinical reports can not.
I have printed and shared your story with my employee and am sure that he now more clearly understands the dangers and will stay clear of this dangerous drug. Once again, thank you for sharing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Time:5:17:11 PM (CST)
Name:Ashley Hall
Location: Rowlett, Tx
Referred by: Shayna
Comments: I wasn't blessed enough to get to meet Todd, however I have been blessed enough to get a chance to be best friends with his younger sister Shayna. From what I have heard about Todd, he was a wonderful guy. I just wanted to remind Shayna and Camille that they have not lost someone they loved, but they have gained an Angel. I am here for you guys anytime you need me; y'all will be in my prayers! I love you both very much, and hope to get to spend a lot more time with both of you!

Time:7:45:07 AM (CST)
Name:SSgt Thomas "Hollywood" Rogers
Location: San Antonio Texas
Referred by: Aiman Boos
Comments: Airman Lee was a model of one of the reasons why I came down to Lackland to be a Military Training Instructor. Pride, drive, confidance and he wanted to be in the Air Force. He will be missed but not forgotten. I am sure he is making God laugh just like he use to make the flight laugh when I was not around. My heart and prayers to his family.

Time:2:04:08 AM (CST)
Name:Teresa Molet
Location: Oklahoma City 
Comments: This is such a beautiful website! I am so proud of you Camille for everything you have done in his honor. Todd was an exceptional young man with so much to offer this world and he will always be greatly missed by all. However, I think he was more special than we ever knew and that is why God felt that he needed him in heaven. Camille, you have every right to be proud of him for he was truly a blessing from above. May you find peace in this!

Time:7:41:49 AM (CST)
Name:SSgt Russell Thetford
Location: Tinker AFB
Comments: I never got to meet Todd, however we both served in the "Herd" together which makes him family. God bless you and your family.
SSgt Russell Thetford

Time:2:14:00 PM (CST)
Name:ryan ellis
Location: hampton va
Referred by: chris farkas
Comments: this is ryan ellis....i went to tech school with todd when we were in san antonio together, we had some good times and i will always remember him. Regards to all his family and friends.

Time:12:37:29 PM (CST)
Name:Lt Col Jerardo Perez
Location: Lackland AFB
Referred by: SSgt Rogers
Comments: Hello, I was your son's commander at Basic Training. Please accept our condolences on your loss.

Time:10:49:31 AM (CST)
Name:Chris Farkas
Location: Eglin AFB
Referred by: Camille Lee
Comments: Todd was an amazing person that everyone enjoyed the company of. He will be dearly missed.

Time:3:45:31 AM (CST)
Name:Matthew Southard
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Referred by: James Boos
Comments: I went to tech school with Todd and had some very good times hanging out with him in the dorms. He was a great friend to everyone and will be miss greatly.

Time:3:52:04 PM (CST)
Name:James Boos
Location: Panama City Florida
Referred by: Christopher Farkas
Comments: I was in Basic Training and Tech School with Todd. He was a really good friend, and he will be missed.

Time:9:53:16 AM (CST)
Name:Sharon Barker
Location: Oklahoma City 
Comments: You did a wonderful job on the website. Keep in touch.

Time:9:39:36 PM (CST)
Location: OKC
Comments: Camille, I love you so much! The webpage is beautiful. I hope you are doing well, please call soon. Todd is very missed each and everyday. I love you!!!!  

Time:8:29:09 AM (CST)
Name:connie huelsman
Location: 31 ccs/cc Bldg 7005
Referred by: Received email from First Sergeant
Comments: Mrs. Lee
God Bless you and your Family

Time:5:43:32 PM (CST)
Name:Kevin Winters 
Location: Tinker 
Comments: Our prayers and concerns are with you and your family.
First Sergeant, 31st Combat Comm Sq.

Time:9:14:05 PM (CST)
Name:Tricia Keitel
Location: Muskogee,Oklahoma
Referred by: Rhonda Bolding
Comments: Todd seem like a bright and handsome young man.With his head and heart going in the right direction. He will be missed by many.

Time:7:45:46 AM (CST)
Name:Deedy Starr
Location: Oklahoma City
Referred by: Tawana Lyle
Comments: Camille, Please keep my email. I plan to leave WS soon, so keep in touch! I am so glad you did this! I can't believe it's been that long. Seems like yesterday. I know it does to you, too.  Todd always reminded me of my own (23 yrs.) son. He was quiet and polite. Everyone loved him, as you know. I have many fond memories of Todd and will keep you and him in my heart for always. My prayers and thoughts are with you. I haven't forgotten, even if you don't know it. I still think of both of you often.

Time:4:30:06 PM (CST)
Name:David Neuman
Location: Tinker AFB, OK
Referred by: Todd's Mom
Comments: He'll always be in our hearts.

Time:8:12:27 AM (CST)
Name:La Tanya Wilson
Referred by: Tawana Lyle

Time:6:52:48 AM (CST)
Location: KY
Referred by: email
Comments: Oh Camille Lee, you have done a beautiful job with your site. It is a wonderful tribute as well as informative. I enjoyed looking at your pictures too!!

Time:4:12:19 PM (CST)
Name:Tracy and Phillip 
Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 
Comments: Camille, I love what you have done with this website. I pray that it will help stop someone else who is taking Stackers. Todd was a gorgeous human being, it is such a shame to have lost him. I wish we had gotten to spend more time with him in his life. Sincerely, Tracy and Phillip Fields and Family

Time:8:29:00 AM (CST)
Name:Ron Perez-Guerra
Location: TAFB
Referred by: co worker
Comments: Nicely done. the word is being spread. and to let you know he is missed.Ron

Time:10:06:31 AM (CST)
Name:Kathi Bates
Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Referred by: Barri Bates 

Time:6:33:54 AM (CST)
Comments: Yes, Todd was a great young man. Polite, loving,& caring. Liked by all who met him and loved by all who knew him. Thoughtful, kind & gentle, taking exceptional measures to ensure his Mom and sister, he loved so dearly, and the rest of his family, be taken care of and not extraordinarily burdoned by his passing. He is and will be much missed.
Todd, Happy Trails To You,
Until We Meet Again!
(Great job on this website Camille)

Time:10:21:37 PM (CST)
Name:Barri Bates
Location: Oklahoma City
Referred by: Camille
Comments: I loved Todd. He was one of my "kids" from work. He was always there to help whenever I called. It didn't matter what we were doing he would always pitch in. He loved eating my k-bobs that I fixed on the grill. I think he just loved to eat!!! I miss him and I love him.

Time:9:24:46 PM (CST)
Name:Helen Martin
Location: Stillwater
Referred by: Camille
Comments: This is a touching tribute to a loving son and brother.

Time:3:29:59 PM (CST)
Name:Heather Murray
Location: Tahlequah
Referred by: Camille
Comments: I like your web page.

Time:4:34:19 PM (CST)
Name:shirley acuff
Location: okla city
Comments: your webpage looks great. my love is with you . franks sister

God bless your son and my daughter  / Tammy Angel Mom Of Savannah Lynn Bruns
Dear family I was looking at your sons memorial what a beautiful job u have done on this. Your son was a very nice looking young man. He had alot going for him in his future. I admire him for serving our country. I lost my daughter in a tragic house fire on December 30th 2007. She was at her dads house in the shower getting ready for church. I was at work when this took place. I am kind of like u and your family things happened so fast u don't have time to think. All I know is now our children are in heaven we as parents will be changed forever. I know our children look over us and protect us. GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY AND MINE. Take care of each other.
Miss You Todd!!  / Adam Franklin (Very Good Friend )


 Todd was not only a good friend of mine, but he was a brother to me. I cannot count all the memories where we shared stories, laughed, and went out on the town to have a good time. I really did love Todd, and the day that I got a phone call about his death a l pieace of me died inside. We had plans on seeing each other in the near future, and kept in touch when he was in the Military over the phone. Todd truly was a one of a kind. I can only count maybe on one hand individuals I know in this life that had a kind heart like he did.

 I wish I could of been to his funeral, and I am sorry this is not the tribute that he deserves. It took me days to come back to this site and write this because of the shock of stumbling on this site. Over the years there has been many times I have sat and though about him and all the good times we shared together. I did not just loose a friend, but I lost a brother as well. To the day I die I will never forget him.

 Camille & Family I am very sorry for your loss. Todd was robbed from the full life he deserved. I know first hand what a good man, son, and friend he was to all of us that knew him on a personal level. My prayers to you and your family.


 With Love,

 Adam T Franklin.


I Miss You More Than Ever...  / Camille Lee (Mom Forever & Always )
Thinking of You Today Precious Angel xx  / Delia Allan Tomlin's Mum

Thinking Of You  / Precious Memorials
Happy Birthday!!  / Delia Allan Tomlin's Mum
Happy Valintine's Day Todd  / Kate Porter Christopher's Mum
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