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IF ONLY  / Camille Lee (Mom & Best Friend )
To hear your voice loud and clear
To see your image as if you are here
To feel your warmth like you are near
If only, one more time...
To hear you call, "Mom, I'm home"
To keep me company when I'm alone
To watch you run and grab the phone
If only, one more time...
To watch you sit quietly and read
To buy you things you say you need
To see you do a thoughtful deed
If only, one more time...
To feel your arms in a soft embrace
To see the smile upon your face
To understand when you needed "space"
If only, one more time...
We are so sorry for your loss  / A. Family In Connecticut
We are so sorry to read about your loss.  We happened upon Todd's memorial, and felt compelled to offer our condolences.  He was obviously an accomplished and substantive young man, and a real gift to this nation; you must be so proud of him.      
Your Sister is Getting Married Tomorrow!  / Camille Lee (Mom Forever and Always )

Congratulations, Shayna!!! 
Your Bubby will be there in spirit with you always.
I love both you and Justen so very much!

from one mom to another mom  / Anne Gallagher (none)
my heart goes out to you but please remember 
death leaves a heart ache no one can heal 
love leaves a memory no one can steal
God has your son in the palm of his hand god bless you
"HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TODD"  / Johnette Moninger (Friend)







I know your pain and my condolences to you and your family.  / Dianna Jacobs

I, too, lost my 30 year old daughter, Kanda, whose web site is also linked
on the same page as your precious son, Todd's.  Kanda did not have
seizures until she started taking ephredra and because of a seizure, she
drowned while bathing on 4-13-04 and I, her mother, found her.  Her
autopsy showed nothing so we had no proof  and I did not know the
dangers of this herb until after her death although when she suspected
she was having seizures in her sleep after one was witnessed, I just knew
deep down in my soul, it had to be the diet pills even though she  told me
she was not taking them anymore.  I believe the damage had been done to
her brain but she refused to see a specialist, fear of losing her independence as she was divorced, buying a home, etc.  
Kanda, too, was my best friend, not only my daughter and to think she could
still be living if ephedra had not been added to diet pills just makes me
sick all over.  She would have never taken an illegal drug and she, like me,
did not see the dangers of over the counter diet pills unless you did not
follow dosage directions.  My prayers are with you and your family.

"ANGEL" / Johnette Moninger (Friend)

You Are An Angel To Me..., Religious Angels Greeting Cards

"HAPPY EASTER TODD"  / Johnette-Angels-Jose--------$~~- Meister,MadisonFoell--------$~~- (Friend)

May Easter's gentle promise

of hope and rebirth

fill your heart

with wonder and joy.




HAPPY EASTER TODD  / Tami -Mom Of Angel Ryan Hook
"HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY TODD"  / Johnette-Angels-Jose--------$~~- Toby Meister, MAdison Foell, Mary Bates. (Friend)





"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODD"  / Johnette Moninger Angels-Mary Bates, Madison Foell, Colt, Toby, Joe (Friend)

"Happy Birthday Todd"
Have a great day partying with the angels.
And eat an extra piece or two of angel food cake for me.
Hugs, Love, & Kisses,

A Poem by Grace Goodhue (Mrs. Calvin) Coolidge after her son died of blood poisoning while in the White House  / Camille Lee (Mom Forever & Always )
You, my son,
Have shown me God.
Your kiss upon my cheek.
Has made me feel the gentle touch
Of Him Who leads us on.
The memory of your smile, when young,
Reveals His face,
As mellowing years come on apace,
And when you went before,
You left the gates of Heaven ajar
that I might glimpse,
Approaching from afar,
the glories of His grace.
Hold, son, my hand,
Guide me along the path
That, coming,
I may stumble not,
Nor roam,
Nor fail to show the way
Which leads us Home.
by Grace Goodhue (Mrs. Calvin) Coolidge after her son died of blood poisoning while in the White House
With My Deepest Sympathy  / Donna James (Another Grieving Mom )
I did not have the honor of knowing Todd, but came upon this beautiful memorial site for him while looking at a friends memorial site for her son. After viewing all the wonderful pictures of Todd and reading all the loving tributes, I felt I just had to write. Another young adult with their whole lives ahead of them, I'll never understand why these things have to happen.

I was particularly touched when I viewed all the Air Force pictures of Todd and my heart just broke into pieces. You see, my husband and I lost our only son, Corey and his wife of less than 3 months, Michelle, in a horrific auto accident in Arizona, where Corey was stationed with the Air Force at Davis-Monthan AFB. All the pictures of Todd, so handsome in his uniform, the pride you so obviously had in him,the pictures of basic training graduation, the military memorial service.....all these things, I too have gone through. I'll never forget being at Lackland AFB in August 2001, for Corey's graduation from basic training. I'll never forget the pride and awe that we felt that day, I thought my heart would burst from my chest with pride! Like Todd, our son was everything a parent ever dreams of in their child, handsome, kind, caring, loving, responsible, independent, honest, the greatest sense of humor....and he and Michelle were just beginning their lives together! They were wed on 5/18/2003 and killed on 8/17/2003. They were returning from a visit with Michelle's grandfather who was ill at the time and encountered a unmarked, deteriorated construction zone that had been milled 2 days prior. From the two days of heat and travel on that road, huge pot holes opened up, 4-5 feet wide and 2-4 inches deep with copious amounts of loose asphalt scattered all over the road, causing Corey to lose control of his truck and they were spun into oncoming traffic and hit head on by a semi. Their truck was pushed backwards over 100 feet, flipped onto the roof and a fire started, causing the truck to explode. It has been 29 months since losing our son and daughter in-law and my heart and spirit is so destroyed.

I truly understand your pain and I am so sorry that you have lost your precious son, Todd. I hope that Corey and Michelle have met Todd in heaven, because from everything that I have read about Todd, I feel he and Corey have so much in common. Please know that Todd's life story has touched my heart and spirit and he and his family will always be in my prayers. I am so very sorry!

A Mom who knows your pain and heartache,
Donna-Corey's Mom
In Loving Memory of Corey and Michelle James
Thinking Of Todd  / Donna-Corey's Mom James
Thinking of all our angel children tonight and have been visiting their memorial sites and lighting candles. For some reason, I could night a candle tonight on Todd's site and did not want to leave without letting the family know that I was thinking of you. Keeping you and Todd in my thoughts and prayers.

Donna-Corey's Mom
In Loving Memory of Corey and Michelle James

Life is Life A Butterfly...  / Camille Lee (Mom)
Life is like a butterfly,
Softly, softly ...
One never knows why ...
It touches your cheek, then says, "goodbye."
Fragile and sweet, like blooming flowers
Life's loves and trials last only the hours
That they touch your heart, then say "goodbye."
Life is like a butterfly.

"CAST YOUR PRAYERS"  / Johnette Moninger Angels-Mary B, Madison F, Toby M, Joseph D, Colt P (Friend)

Guardian Angel

When you're worried
about someone you care
for, cast your thoughts,
prayers, and wishes to their
Angel. Love them from a
distance, then move on
knowing they are in
good hands.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TODD  / Tami -. GP (Angel Ryan Hook)
"HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TODD"  / Johnette Moninger Angels: Madison F, Colt, Toby, &. Joseph. (Friend)

You are precious
and glorious
in God's sight.
May His love
be with you and your family
every day of the year.


So Sorry for your loss  / Jane Jones (Another Grieivng Mom )
Todd was such a handsome young man.  This is a wonderful tribute to him.  Your memories of him are always in your heart.  You will see him again one day.  I hope he has met my son Matt in heaven and the two of them are watching over our families everyday.  May God Bless each of you.

IF GOD...  / Johnette Moninger Angels- Toby, Colt, Joseph (Friend)

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.
Every moment, thank God.

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